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Erosion and sediment control (ESC) – Brisbane Region

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Brisbane City Council – Legal Obligations

Soil erosion from building, development and construction sites is a major source of stormwater pollution. If it enters our waterways, sediment (such as soil, sand, silt, mud) and litter washed from urban areas can cause both short and long term environmental problems.

The Environmental Protection Act 1994 places a legal responsibility upon all persons who cause land disturbance to minimise or prevent environmental harm.

Property developers and other development industry members such as consultants and contractors are also subject to requirements under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

Brisbane City Council investigates water pollution resulting from the release of sediments from building and development sites. If you don’t take appropriate erosion and sediment control measures, you can receive on-the-spot fines ranging from 20 penalty units to 50 penalty units or up to 100 penalty units for development related offences. As at 1 July 2016, the value of a penalty unit is equal to $121.90. For example, the fine amount for an infringement of 2 penalty units is: 2 x $121.90 = $243.80; the rounded down fine amount is $243. Prosecution and court penalties for major development and environmental offences may apply.

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Plan erosion and sediment control measures

  1. Establish suitability of development proposal
  2. Develop erosion and sediment control strategy
  3. Prepare an erosion and sediment control plan

Firstly, development site data is to be compiled with any alterations or modifications to the development plan reported to the developer. Compliance is established with the relevant regulatory planning authority or environmental legislation standards. Concurrence is established relating to suitability of the development proposal and conforms to erosion and sediment control guidelines.

As a result, erosion and sediment control is to be developed consistently to meet industry standards. Furthermore, the erosion and sediment control strategies are established and documented in cooperation with the developer and relevant consent authority.

The selection criteria for earthwork structures or measures are checked against industry guidelines. Hence, the design specifications for structures are required to be incorporated into the plan details. Finally, erosion and sediment control plan and documentation support the plan in line with industry guidelines.

Prevention Measures and Strategies

The erosion and sediment control measures that are able to be implemented for a development site may include; site management, land shaping, batter stabilisation, banks and channels. In addition, for some development sites you may implement level spreader, re-vegetation, waterways, check dams, bank and channel linings. Erosion and soils control strategies may involve grade stabilising structures, outlet protection structures, stormwater detention measures, dust control, and rural road/track crossbank/crossfall.

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