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Silt Fences & More

Silt Fencing

Siltman Silt Fences offers dedicated sediment control services and safety barriers to anyone in the construction industry, from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Sediment Control Fences.

Most councils have particular regulations that must to be adhered to in order to prevent the erosion of soil, and they are empowered to issue on-the-spot fines for breach of these regulations. If you are unsure of the regulations in your particular circumstances, ask your council for information about their requirements.

These fences are erected to protect the site from run-off and will meet council regulations. The fence is constructed using geotextile fabric and hardwood pegs. It is trenched into the ground to a depth of 200mm. Pegs are spaced no more than 2 metres apart and driven into the ground using pneumatic post driver, making it very stable in all soil types. The fabric is attached to the pegs using pneumatically driven staples.

The aim of sediment control is to:

  • To divert uncontaminated water away from the site
  • To minimize erosion caused by site disturbance, stabilsing disturbed surfaces and securing material stockpiles.
  • To prevent sediment contaminated water leaving the site.

Gravel Driveways

Sediment can also leave a work site in other ways, including on the tyres of the vehicles and machinery coming and going. In addition to our Silt Fences, a gravel driveway is another pro-active step towards preventing environmental contamination. It vibrates/shakes off most dirt, seeds and dust when vehicles exit and enter the worksite.

Corporate Branded Silt Fences

For mid to long-term construction and building sites, you have the opportunity to get your brand known.

Our silt fences are available in either green or black and can be professionally printed with your company logo/emblem.